Influencer Collaboration

Brand Collaboration Reimagined.
Liver Honey Partnership: A new channel for mutual benefit that empowers the influencer.

Imagine having a product that embodies your vision and values—one that's uniquely yours, from design to delivery.
YOUR product. For you and your followers
We want to use our supply chain to handle every aspect of the process, from product and graphic design to labeling, packaging, and fulfillment. Leaving only one thing for you; what you do best: inspiring and educating your audience.
You might be wondering, is this too good to be true? All I have to do is promote my own product? Well, we're so happy to offer this opportunity because we not only LOVE what we do; creating cool new products, we believe in the power of business collaboration.
At Liver Honey, Mariah and I are deeply immersed in the world of business, wellness, and brand marketing.
We created this model after witnessing the tireless cycle of influencers promoting other brands' products and recognized an opportunity to empower other small businesses like yours.
As passionate product designers and owners of a supply chain, we are here to offer you our expertise and resources.
Together we have over a decade of experience in the wellness and food industries and we're on a mission to bring new products into the world where there is market. We want to revolutionize and support the amazing women of the internet and change the the way influencers can make money while promoting what they believe in.
This takes away power from big brands' and their affiliate codes and offers a new channel for mutual benfit. A partnership that's as authentic as it gets.
We want to work together to bring your product ideas to life and make a real impact in the market.
Does this sound like something you're excited about? Reach out to us with a bit about your following, ethos, vision, ideas, or other things that you're inspired to share.
We are so excited to connect and join you on a journey to redefine brand collaboration.
Liver Honey 
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