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Tallow Sunny Balm

Tallow Sunny Balm

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Tallow Sunny Balm - Your Skin's Sacred Elixir!

4 OZ in amber glass jar

Discover our Tallow Miracle Balm, a versatile elixir featuring only four clean and effective ingredients. This balm is your ultimate companion for a myriad of skin wonders. In a base of grass-fed, grass-finished beef tallow infused with organic fennel seeds, non nano zinc and tinted with organic cocoa powder, this balm is a gift for your skin.

This Balm is 30 SPF and can be used for sun protection.

The Ingredients:

Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Tallow Infused with Organic Fennel Seeds: Our sacred fusion of grass-fed, grass-finished tallow and organic fennel seeds creates a harmonious symphony of nourishment. Tallow, a soulful match for your skin, nourishes deeply, while fennel's anti-inflammatory abilities helps your skin radiate a luminous glow.

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide (25%): Zinc oxide has been shown to help in collagen synthesis helping your skin retain moisture and reduce wrinkles. It helps with uneven skin tone, banishes pimples and offers sun protection.

Tinted with Organic Cocoa Powder: Gently tinted with organic cocoa powder. The divine touch of cocoa not only blesses your skin with a warm, heavenly hue but also lends a deliciously enticing scent, making your skincare ritual a true indulgence.

Essential Oil-Free: Embrace the purity of our balm, crafted without essential oils, ensuring that it gracefully harmonizes with even the most delicate of skin.

Please take note: Due to its high percentage of zinc oxide, this product may have a pale tone when applied. 





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