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Miracle Mist Toner Neroli Peppermint

Miracle Mist Toner Neroli Peppermint

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4 OZ 

99.9% pure salt, Deionized Water, Peppermint Hydrosol, & Neroli Hydrosol

Experience the Miracle Mist - a calming, anti inflammatory and antibacterial solution that nurtures your skin, fortifies the skin barrier, and effectively keep breakouts at bay. balanced at a skin friendly PH of 4.5, it promotes a harmonious environment for your skin's well- being. Works 'miracles' on Acne, Black Heads, Eczema & more! 

Refresh and invigorate with the balancing power of Peppermint and Neroli Hydrosol. Enhance circulation for a revitalized complexion.

  • Thousands of people have reported calm and clear skin using this ingredient
  • Can be used to stop an incoming pimple/cyst in its tracks
  • Naturally works to prevent hormonal acne or skin issues

Gentle, soothing suitable for full the body. 

Shake lightly and apply 3-5 sprays to bare skin morning, night, or anytime, air dry.

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